In the collection of services we provide, are contained

  • Underwater equipment maintenance for hunting
  • Service for air and tire guns
  • Equipment maintenance for Autonomous scuba diving
  • Repair and maintenance for pressure regulators
  • Repair and maintenance for cruise controls
  • Bottle hydrostatic control
  • Bottle visual control
  • Bottle cleaning
  • Repair and maintenance for the shutters
  • Diving costumes
  • Diving costume repair
  • Underwater services-harbor works
  • Fill bottles with ultra-modern air compressors type ‘’BAUER’’ and
    ‘’PARAMINA’’ until 300Bar
  • Air compressors repair and maintenance type ‘’BAUER’’ and
  • Production of superconducting mixtures (NITROX) from 22%-100% oxygen

Diving excursions with the boat of the school

Come with us in the diving excursions by the professional boat of our school at beautiful regions of Salamis , in Aegina, in Agystri and the around little
rock islands. Discovering shipwrecks-caves-reefs with a variety in flora and in fauna of the regions.

Our diving service

Our repair and maintenance workshop for the diving equipment is valid from the organizations ‘’SEACSUB’’ , ‘’MARES’’ , ‘’ANDI’’ and YMCA.

Our air-compressors

The filling of the bottles is done by the ultra-modern air-compressors ‘’BAUER VERTICUS’’ and ‘’PARAMINA CYCLONE’’ that can have capability until 300Bar pressure operation and 730 I/min , which controls the quality of the air . As a result we
can breath fresh and clean air.

Try on the diving experience with Safe Air (NITROX)

Capability for exaggerated mixtures with safe due to the ultra-modern panel mixtures and the oxygen analyst that offer our school.. Also there is immediate fill of oxygen until 40% and with transfusion until 100%.